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How Network & Microsoft Teams Save Time with DDI Automation: See Infoblox Microsoft Management in Action
Get more value from your Microsoft DNS/DHCP investment

DNS/IP conflicts. Network outages. Uncertainty about what exactly is connected to the network and when. Manual, error-prone spreadsheets and out-of-sync home-built tools. These challenges are not only frustrating and stressful, they’re tedious, time-wasting and burn limited resources. Worse, they are completely avoidable.

Infoblox Microsoft Management eliminates these challenges and extends your investment in Microsoft infrastructure. Deep DNS/DHCP and IP address management (IPAM) integration enables Network and Microsoft teams to save significant time and hassle by automating DDI. Get instant and detailed end-to-end visibility into network servers, IP addresses, problems and reports while streamlining the management of sites and services.

Come see:

-Centralized DNS/DHCP server management for troubleshooting without agents or overhead performance impacts.
-Automation of DNS/DHCP component-synching for significant time & process savings.
-The power of Active Directory integration to streamline site & service management.
-Identity-mapping for greater user visibility.
-Reporting & Analytics for historical trending, audits, usage metrics, IPAM & capacity planning.

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