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Next Level Visibility: Security Infrastructure, Data Protection & Malware Mitigation
Full, real-time visibility is the foundation of Security. It enables infrastructure protection to help teams detect vulnerable network devices, uncover DNS attacks, and share alerts and intel. It empowers data protection to reveal what’s on the network, spot infected devices, show where they’ve been, assess the impact, establish the context for prioritization, and prevent and stop data exfiltration. And it promotes malware mitigation so teams can catch threats faster, access context quickly, assess risk, prioritize alerts, share intel and speed incident response.

In this dynamic and information-rich webinar, we will show customers:
1. How to gain complete visibility to their network anytime from any place
2. What is important to know about network infrastructure and data vulnerabilities, and gain visibility to mitigate malware impacts
3. How to detect DNS-based threats and solve problems faster with current and historical views
4. See how the top pre-built reports and dashboard integrations can combat security threats

Attend our monthly tech demo to see how the top security reports and integrated dashboards can give you actionable insight and make you a better manager.
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